Ares by Ares Development Group

Ares by Ares Development Group

A file sharing program that enables users to share any digital file
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  • Question: Files remain in the library after download is complete. Is that normal?

    This is a torrent client. After the downloads complete, it's normal to remain in the list for the Seeding process. The reverse process of downloading. However, for private trackers, this is a must follow procedure or the account gets deleted. For public trackers, it's not necessary to keep it. Leave or delete the files from the library. It's your choice to keep them or not.

  • Question: I want to know how to download videos.

    You can download music videos through the Search function found on the main interface of the software. Start the application then click on Search. Type the name of the artist then choose Video and press Search. Make sure you have open ports for Ares and the firewall allows downloading since it's a P2P application that uses torrents technology.

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